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Discover "the flower island" located in the Caribbean and organize your car rental online.

Destination Martinique

Martinique is located in the arc of the Lesser Antilles, was discovered in 1502 by Christophe COLOMB. The island is nicknamed "Flower Island". Bathed in the east by the Atlantic Ocean and in the West by the Caribbean Sea.

Its greatest length is 70 km and its width is 30 km. It is about 7,500 km from France Hexagonale.

La Martinique est un département français d\'outre-mer depuis 1946 et devient Collectivité Territoriale en 2015.
Son caractère insulaire lui confère des atouts au niveau de la diversité de sa flore, de sa faune et de son patrimoine.

The rich cultural and historical heritage comes from Native American, African and European influences. The population is approximately 400,000.

Martinique is also the story of a land of civilization, the story of men with painful episodes: The elimination of its first inhabitants, the Arawaks then the Caribbean from the northeast of South America, two centuries of slavery which was abolished in 1848. Also the disaster, on May 8, 1902 the eruption of the peeled mountain totally devastates the city of Saint-Pierre.

Martinican cuisine is one of the main cultural riches of the island. For gourmets Tempt your taste buds by playing with the sweet and savory, savor a conch, or a fish blaff following a fierce avocado.

Taste a lobster after small acras of cod or crab and finish with a white coconut eat. Take the rum route and visit some distilleries in Martinique whose big names are Neisson, JM, Clement, HSE, Dillon, Depaz, Trois Rivieres, Bally, Saint James, La Mauny ... "Rhum peyi nou".

With a temperature of 26 degrees on average in Martinique, the climate is tropical, very pleasant all year round. There are two seasons: Lent and Wintering. From December to May Lent is hot and dry. From June to November the winter is wet, the rains are more or less marked and it is also the period of cyclonic risks.

Hikers during their stay in Martinique will take the hiking trails through the tropical forest, in the middle of gigantic ferns, and flowers in shimmering colors, venture into the gorges of the cliff mixing walking, swimming and pleasure of the eyes, creates an atmosphere just like an adventure film. The adventurer this time is you!

La Martinique vous invite à explorer les fonds marins qui regorgent de fééries et à contempler la mer majestueuse en goûtant aux sports nautiques à la voile, en yole, en canoë, en surfant ou en sillonnant le littoral avec un jet-ski ou une barque de pêcheur motorisée. La Martinique est une île que l\'on peut découvrir en toute liberté avec IXORA Location de véhicules.